Jayne Jones Therapies

Holistic Healing for Mind, Body & Soul

Treatment Menu & Prices

Jayne tailors every treatment to your needs however here are some treatments you can choose from:

Swedish/Relaxation Massage – 30 min ($45), 45 min ($60), 60 min ($80), 90 min ($110) - A light to medium pressure massage for full body relaxation and gentle release of muscle tension.                                                           

Remedial Massage - 30 min ($45), 45 min ($60), 60 min ($80), 90 min ($110) - Usually a deeper massage tailored to your requirements using deep tissue techniques, trigger point, myofascial release and stretching to ease muscle tension and pain, break down fibrous scar tissue and release restrictions in movement and posture.                                

Indian Head, Neck & Facial Massage – 30 min ($45), 45 min ($60) - Focusing on areas carrying stress and tension, this massage includes acupressure techniques and vigorous scalp massage to help prevent headache and migraines. Facial massage is included focusing on sinus areas and jaw tension.

Aromatherapy Massage - 60 min ($80) A full body relaxation massage including Aromatherapy consultation to tailor an essential oil blend suitable for your needs.

Thai Foot Massage  - 30 min ($45) A treatment on lower legs & feet involving massage, stretching & the use of a wooden acupressure tool to stimulate the reflex points which correspond to the internal organs of the body.

Meditation Massage - 75 min ($90) This treatment starts with a guided Relaxation Meditation and deep breathing to calm and quieten the mind whilst receiving a scalp/facial massage followed by a full body relaxation massage for a complete holistic treatment for mind, body and soul.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - 60 min (890) This treatment enhances the functioning of the lymphatic system using very gentle lymphatic drainage techniques like skin scooping, foot pedal pumping and ultra light skin deep massage techniques to promote lymph flow.  This is not a muscular massage – it enhances detoxing and assists those who suffer from lymphoedema, fluid retention and post surgery fluid retention, puffy legs, feet and hands.

Pregnancy Massage - 30 min ($45), 60 min ($80) - Pregnancy Massage is available to pregnant women once they have passed 12 weeks.  The massage is done in seated, sidelying and elevated supine positions using Body pillows to support the body and keep the baby safe and protected at all times.The comfortable Massage Chair is a safe and relaxing position to loosen muscles of the upper and lower back, shoulders, arms and neck.  The feet and legs are massaged in bolstered sidelying and elevated supine positions on the Massage Table.  Pregnancy Massage helps to relieve lower back, neck, shoulder aches and pains as well as leg cramps and fluid retention and allows the pregnant woman to be able to relax and promote a good night's sleep which in turn benefits the baby.


Gift vouchers are a wonderful gift idea for your loved ones, family and friends and every treatment is tailored to suit their needs.  Gift vouchers can now be emailed to you in Pdf format for you to email or text or print up yourself, saving you time.

Call me, text or email your Gift Voucher request including the name of the Recipient, the amount you would like to spend and their mobile phone number as well as your contact details so that I can contact you to arrange a credit card transaction.  


Payment can be made by cash, cheque, direct deposit or credit card.  Bring your Health Fund Card so I can process your health fund claim on the spot with HICAPS.  I am registered with all Health Funds.


AVOCA Products Available at the Clinic

Salt of the Earth Bath Salts including Epsom, Himalayan & Sea Salts, Peppermint and Lavender Essential Oils - a great way to absorb magnesium and detox/relax the muscles $15 for a 500gm jar

Clear the Air All Natural Air Freshener including Peppermint & Lavender Essential oils  $8

Betty Aint Sweaty- All Natural Dusting Body Powder with Lemon Myrtle - Keep sweat and stickiness at bay by dusting this gorgeous smelling powder on your body.  Lemon Myrtle is a natural antibacterial  $15